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Glucose Tolerance Test, 3 specimens (75g) / GTT

Price: $74.00

Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) checks the 2 hour glucose tolerance in the blood, it is used to assess the body’s response to ingested glucose and to diagnose diabetes.

Glucose Tolerance Test 3 Specimens starts by drawing blood of a fasting patient then patient drinks a glucose solution (75g) and after 2 hours another blood sample is drawn to verify how quickly the body removes the glucose from the blood, normally the glucose levels will return to normal after 2 hours.

This test involves three blood draws, in general, requires the person taking the test to remain in the lab for the entire duration of the test.

This test is recommended for a non-pregnant adult.

Preparation: Fasting for 10 -12 hours is necessary for this test.

Price: $74.00
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